Muslim Kids TV - Posted on Oct. 2, 2016, 10:42 p.m.

New Shows in October

Here is a line up of some of the great new videos for the month of October.

We would like to welcome Zain Bhikha to Muslim Kids TV.

Zain is one of the outstanding English language nasheed artists. His career spans over a decade and he has nurtured and fostered the development of Islamic inspirational music internationally.

Zain is from South Africa. We are honoured to have his children's nasheeds on Muslim Kids TV. For you parents... Zain also has many albums for you too!

Check out the lastest Knowsy Nina episode and learn all about fireflys.

Mama and Lulu celebrate Eid. But first Lulu has to learn a lesson about patience from the story of Prophet Nuh, peace be upon him.

Do you have artistic talent? Remi didn't think so either until he had to enter a drawing contest - Check out the latest from Remi's Dream.

The epic quest continues with Misi Ady as they are helped along in their journey through a special map for the purest of hearts.

When the torrential rain takes out the town's bridge - Chad and Didi convince the town to come together and rebuild it themselves.

New episodes of these great shows are added every week so visit us oftern.

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